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Start Here

I have to start somewhere right? We all do. But how do we get started? I'm sure the why you start something is much different than the way I start with something. Also what gets me motivated to get started is probably another differentiating thing about us. Either way though, getting to a result is really what we do want, right? I mean, why start something if you don't get the satisfaction of seeing the results.

So here's why I'm starting this blog. Because of my background, it's been a bit rough finding my bearings in society, specifically here in the United States of America. I get it, everybody's background is unique and we all come to the table with our perspectives, however I see a gap on where is this table where we can share our perspective. Where can I find someone to aspire to be (outside of my mom and the rest of my family who you'll learn about). I mean, I watch Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go and it's very rare to find comedy sitcoms, drama television, or rom-com movies (my fav) that shows someone who kinda looks like me to relate to.

I mean seriously, I DO like looking at Ryan Reynolds and wish he would squeeze me with those hunky arms and I could brush my fingers through his boyish blond hair, but I think I am Isla Fisher in this case? A spunky red head with passion and fiery attitude that wins him over. Nope. Not even close. I mean, maybe the only thing we have in common is our height. She's 5'4", I'm 5'4" on a good day. I'm a female, she's female from what I can tell. But other than that, that's pretty much it.

I mean, entertainment is there to make us dream and be the stage we can imagine ourselves on. It makes it 100x's better if I can relate to the actress was a Filipino-American like me. Goes through the same conflicts of living a hybrid culture that is both American and Filipino. So this is my attempt to be that someone out there like me who may need a more relatable perspective on life. Take as mostly entertainment into my daily life and maybe you'll learn a thing or two. Sounds maddening I know, but be patient with me. Everyone needs a starting point.

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